Act & Sound Out Little Farm

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The product is made in the form of a house with decorative stickers and buttons, pressing on which the crumb will hear the sounds issued by the chicken, cow, horse, etc.

– The child’s fascinating games will be accompanied by a flashing light bulb on the body, raising his mood.
– For the development of small motor skills on the body of the product, the imitation of a farmer’s tractor with rotating wheels, a movable drum with beads and colorful rings, strung on a white base, is provided.
– The toy is made of certified and high-quality plastic, therefore it is absolutely safe for children.
– And the product is painted with non-toxic resistant dyes that do not abrade from the surface and remain as bright for a long time.
– The size of the toy is optimal for children’s handles, so the crumb is comfortable to hold it.