The blaster with foam rubber bullets Fire Storm

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The Blaster with foam rubber bullets Fire Storm 7054 has sound and light effects, it is equipped with 10 bullets on suckers, 10 soft bullets and a target. The effective range of the machine is 20-35 meters, the original drum magazine makes it less likely to charge, and the convenient butt simplifies aiming. To work requires batteries that are not included in the package. A feature of this child weapon is the use of soft foam for bullets, safe for young children. The ancestor of the direction was the company Hasbro, which released the first samples under the brand Nerf. Now the mention of the word Nörf is strongly associated with the type of ammunition and design of this manufacturer. Positive emotions are guaranteed for any boy. Fantastic and bright appearance is especially interesting to kids who associate a toy with viewed cartoons.

Package size: 75.7 x 8.8 x 31 x cm.
Type of packaging: demo box